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Karaoke Software for Windows 10, Windows 8.1

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The Only Fully Integrated ALL-IN-ONE Karaoke Software
Karaoke Hosts and Professional Singers!


Video Hoster Karaoke Software (1 License*) $99.99 On Sale! $69.99
Video Hoster Karaoke Software (2 Licenses*) $149.99 On Sale! $104.99
Video Hoster Karaoke Software (4 Licenses*) $229.99 On Sale! $160.99
15.6" MTU Touchscreen Karaoke System - Intel i5 processor™ / Windows™ 11 and Video Hoster® $1899.99 On Sale! $1599.99
15.6" MTU Touchscreen Karaoke System - Intel i7 processor™ / Windows™ 11 and Video Hoster® $2099.99 On Sale! $1799.99
Software Shipped on USB Memory Stick Add this item to your order to have the software shipped on a USB Memory Stick. $40.00
Video Hoster Karaoke Software® Suite 4 on USB Memory Stick $369.99 On Sale! $258.99

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Video Hoster is Very Easy to Use Karaoke Software because you recognize the Karaoke controls, and discover they are comfortable, fast, and some features fully automated... freeing you for more important matters.

Every Karaoke Show Becomes a Dream, transforming you into a relaxed Karaoke Host enjoying and encouraging your karaoke singers and joking with your audience. Easily customize how you use Video Hoster Karaoke Software, something all MTU Karaoke software allows since 1977.

  • Streaming Karaoke Subscription Learn More.. - There is a monthly subscription that can be set up in order to have unlimited use of the Party Tyme Karaoke Song library (20k+ Songs). The cost is $99.99 $49.99 per month and can be billed monthly to a credit card. There is also a 48 Hour package for $19.99 (one time fee).
  • Integrated Song Store - This Song store allows you to purchase songs that are 100% legal in the USA for public use from Karaoke.Net. Our integration of their store allows you to search, preview and purchase new songs without leaving Hoster. In addition, any purchased songs will be automatically added to the Songs Database and ready for you to search as soon as the purchase finishes.
  • Full Featured Automatic Singers Rotation - MTU Karaoke Software will allow you to control your karaoke singers and keep track of who's turn it is, this is an option you can turn on or off so you are not forced to use it!
  • Create Printable or Digital Karaoke Songbooks with everything users have requested since 2002.
    INCLUDED FREE - Other programs charge you up to $50 for this feature.
  • Karaoke CDG Disc Importer polished since 1996 with UltraClean™ technology for better-than-new lyrics importing from CDG capable DVD drives.
    INCLUDED FREE - Other programs charge you up to $50 for this feature.

  • Edit Karaoke Song Files (File Manager) to change Titles, Artists, etc., and remove start-end blank audio for high energy karaoke shows with no "dead air" silence.
  • Remote Request/Digital Karaoke Songbooks - This Karaoke Software feature integrates SongBookDB into Video Hoster Karaoke Software to allow your karaoke singers to look up your current songbook on any cell phone or tablet and send you the request without using a paper slip! Now you ask what is SongBookDB, check it out here.
  • Venue Selection - This will allow you to setup Venues that you do shows at. This will allow assigning each singer to a specific Venue.
  • Ever selected the Wrong Karaoke Song? Your singer is standing there ready to sing, the song is not the correct version. With Video Hoster Karaoke Software you can just Right click this song in the Playlist, Click Same Title, Find and replace the song almost instantly with the correct version! No longer do you have to manually search for this song again, we do it all for you!
  • Touch Screen support allows all functions without a keyboard or mouse! Click here for our preloaded Touch Screen Karaoke Ultrabook systems with Video Hoster Karaoke Software!
  • Slideshow Select a folder of pictures to playback with any audio file, great for Weddings or Birthdays or displaying singers from Past Shows!
  • Sync Adjust Lots of Songs are out of Sync, due to the timing done by the manufacturer. Now in Video Hoster on these songs that are out of Sync, you can adjust this using Edit Songs, then save it. Once this is done for a song, every time in the future it is played in Video Hoster, it will now play in Sync!
  • Play Audio, Karaoke and Music Videos The only Program you need is Video Hoster Karaoke Software to play all your entertainment formats!
  • Playlist Statistics Have you ever wanted to know which singer has sung the most karaoke songs? Now you will know that, including many more facts from your Karaoke Show History! Such as the most played artists, most played songs, sort by the date ranges, singer who has sung the most songs, etc...
  • Countdown Timer for Playing Song - This allows you to see the amount of itme left in the song, on the Singers/Audience's monitor so you know how long you have till that song is over, giving you the freedom to mingle with the audience.
  • Display Singers name and Up Next singer in the Marquee - This allows you to show the Singers name/song title and also the Up Next singer/song in the scrolling marquee.
  • 8 Ways to Instantly Find and add songs into a Playlist in any order using a flexible multi-field search, and adding singers favorite songs.
  • Dual Display with Quad Views shows you what the singer sees on a second display. The four views automatically change as Karaoke, Audio or Video songs play or during an Intermission break. The automated Show Display entertains your karaoke singers and audience, and frees you to enjoy and mix with them.
  • 99 Audio & Video Instabuttons with your titles and colors play when you click any of them. Audio ones mix with the playing song, while videos wait until Karaoke lyrics finish.
  • Automated Background Audio Player prevents "dead air" between songs, fading in and out with the next karaoke song.
  • Step-by-Step Manual with over 200 screen images that instantly show details when you click a button, field, etc.
  • Unique Crash Recovery allows you to relax... free to interact with your people. If your computer ever crashes just like your CDG Player can, run Hoster in seconds and nothing is lost. This constantly operates in background, protecting your show changes.
  • Song & Karaoke Singer Databases allow you to instantly find the songs you want, and please your singers when they return and you have all songs they perform.
  • Hard Drive File Cataloging of your MP3+G, ZIP and other format songs into the Songs Database to instantly find them. A second method gives you flexibility to identify each song exactly as you want.
  • Display Singers name and Up Next singer in the Marquee This allows you to not need to turn on the Singers Name Display anymore, but you can now show the Singers name/song title and also the Up Next singer/song in the scrolling marquee.
  • Full Featured Auto-Rotation Playlists to run your karaoke shows, not a dual deck that requires twice the work. It plays Karaoke-Audio-Video songs in any order, fading from one to the next if enabled:
    • Karaoke: MP3+G, WMA+G, ZIP, WAV+G, KMA, KMH, BIN
    • Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV
    • Video: DAT, VOB, AVI, MPG, MP4, MPEG, DVIX, M1V, M2V, WMV, QT, AMR, M4V, 3GP, MOV (Video Karaoke Included)
Risk Free! If our software doesn't meet your needs, just ask, and we'll refund your software payment. Thank you for trusting us, as hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have since 1977.

Computer Requirements

Video Hoster Karaoke Software can also be ordered already installed in a Touch Screen Karaoke Ultrabook™, both certified to work for Karaoke-Audio-Video shows using supported formats. Windows upgrades, device drivers and all ordered MTU software are installed and tested before shipping. You can be confident your MTU Laptop will meet your karaoke needs and give you the best Video Hoster Karaoke Software Experience!

  • MTU Recommends using Intel I7 (BEST - Any Amount of Songs), I5 (BETTER - Up to 200k Songs) or I3 (OK - Up to 20k Songs) processor for your Professional Audio setup! Any other processors can cause Audio glitch or distort when running your show.
  • Video Hoster Karaoke Software Installs any number of times on 1, 2 or 4 computers you own depending on the number of licenses you purchase.
  • Transparent Security allows honest users to use Hoster as they want. However, theft is blocked. Note: When requested, we issue a refund only after Hoster is removed from all computers while on-line to un-register in your MTU account.
  • Installation Requires an Internet Connection to register, but it is not required to run (privacy policy).
  • Video Hoster Karaoke Software runs on Windows 11*, Windows 10* , 8.1 (32/64bit not RT), Windows 7 (32/64-bit). The latest Windows Updates need to be installed prior to installing the software.
    *NOTE: Windows 11/10 S Mode Will NOT work.
  • An MTU or equivalent CD/DVD Recorder to import CDG Karaoke discs to the hard drive. MTU Certified CDG Recorders give the cleanest imported graphics.

  • Read How to Remove and install Hoster on another computer any time, without needing MTU.
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