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Current MTU Policies

MTU has been in continuous business since 1977. We try to insure you are pleased with out products and service. These policies should answer your basic questions. If not, please Contact us directly to ask any questions you have about our products or your needs.

All items offered for sale are subject to availability, quantity limitations, product substitution and price changes without notice. Although we strive to have accurate descriptive information about the products we sale, there may be typographical, omissions or other errors, including the current price. We reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason.

The current policies are published on this page. We reserve the right to change our policies without prior notice.

MTU Privacy Policy

This covers how we gather and use information about you. We may change our policy, but our current policy will be stated here. Micro Technology Unlimited (MTU) has been in continuous business since 1977. In those years, we have never disclosed personal information to any organization for payment or any other reason.

Data Security

Transmission of secure information over the Internet to our web sites is protected with a highly secure 128-bit digital certificate. When your transmission is secure, the key or lock that appears at the bottom of your browser is not broken, or it changes color, depending on what browser you are using.

Databases on our web sites that store your information are protected and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Credit Card Security

MTU does not keep your credit card number in our database. When you submit your order, your card number is processed through, the oldest and most respected Internet credit card gateway. Your card number is verified on-line with its issuing bank. If there are questions about the Billing Address you enter, there may be a delay in shipment.

Information Gathered

Secret Visit

When you visit our site we capture and store the domain you used to visit us, such as a search engine or other site link, to measure our marketing efforts. This information is maintained privately on our site and is not distributed to any other organization.

Personal Information

At your option, you may fill in various forms on our web site that require personal information. Our forms are based on our web site, not from external service providers. There are optional fields you can fill in to help us further understand your needs and requests. If you provide us with your phone and/or fax number, we may use them to contact you in regards to your question. This information is transferred to our web site via a secure link.

Order Information

When you order product from MTU we will gather additional information to allow us to charge your credit card and, if hardware is ordered, to ship to your street address. This information is transferred to our web site via a secure link.

Security Information

Due to the security measures used on some of our software products, during installation the software will automatically acquire hardware identification information from your computer and transmit it to our web site. This is used for the following reasons:

  1. To insure the program is a unique installation and not a copy
  2. To allow the program to automatically make certain computer configuration changes to deliver the performance and features you expect
  3. To allow us to identify you and provide support when needed
  4. Our products do not collect personal data or any type of personal files you have installed on your computer
  5. Transmission of this information is protected with a 128-bit digital certificate

Information Protection

All Personal, Order and Security Information we gather is securely stored on our web site. We do not use off-site services that could disclose your identity to others. We protect your Information and do not sell, trade or exchange mailing lists with any organization. MTU will only disclose your information to third parties when such action is necessary to (1) conform to legal requirements; or (2) protect and defend the rights or property of MTU.

Information Use

We do not provide your Information to any other organization. We use your information in the following ways:

  1. To email or phone you with notices pertaining to product you have purchased from MTU
  2. For notice of an upgrade containing new features and/or bug repairs to make your code perform better
  3. For announcements of related products similar to what you have purchased from us
  4. To secure and manage copyright restrictions and licensing terms and conditions
  5. We reserve the right to prevent use of our products for illegal purposes to protect our rights

Request for Removal

At your request as a visitor, MTU will delete your information from our records. You may request this by sending an email to or write to: MTU, P.O. Box 5, Rolesville, NC, 27525, USA. If at any time, you believe that MTU has not adhered to these principles, please notify us by either method and we will make all reasonable efforts to correct the problem.

Please note: If you have purchased product, MTU will not delete your record in order to retain the ability to contact you for legal or important product notices.

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MTU Software Upgrade Policy

When you purchase an MTU software product, you receive 12 months of free upgrades of new versions released after your order date.

For example, if you bought Hoster 4.00 on August 15, 2008. Your free upgrade period expired August 15, 2009. If you order the upgrade on June 5, 2010, you can install the latest version, and others to be released until June 5, 2011.

To install a version that was released after your 12 months have expired:

  1. Click here to log in your Store Account.
  2. On your Home page near the top you will see each Registration Code you have whose Upgrade Date has past with a button beside it. (RegCodes with current Upgrade Dates do not appear; only those with expired Upgrade Dates.)
  3. These RegCodes can still install versions you have installed before, but not a newer version with an Install Date after their Upgrade Date. (See the Product Upgrade Page for Install Dates).
  4. Click the beside a Product RegCode you want to upgrade to add it to your shopping cart.
  5. Click the "Continue Shopping" button in your cart to return and upgrade other RegCodes with expired Upgrade Dates, then click "Checkout".

Product Upgrade Pages

Have you been waiting for new features or bug fixes? Here is how to find out if they are now available.

  1. To determine what version you are running, run your program, click the Help menu at the top, click the "About [Produce Name]..." and see the version number (ex: 4.30, 3.321a, 2.605, etc.).
  2. Click the Product name below to go to its Upgrade Versions web page.

  3. Scroll down to the version you have.
  4. Then, scroll up, reading the changes for each version that was released after your version.
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Shipping Policy

For new software orders paid by credit card, your FREE Internet download instructions are emailed to you immediately.

For software upgrade orders, we process the order before you will receive the email with your FREE Internet download instructions.

SOFTWARE CDROM ORDERS TO USA OR INTERNATIONAL: If you cannot download over the Internet, order the CDROM and we will mail it to your address in the USA, APO or International.

HARDWARE SHIPMENTS INSIDE USA, USA TERRITORIES AND APO ONLY: We do not ship CDR drives, CDR media, Computers or any other hardware to Canada, Mexico or International.

NOTE: All shipments are FOB Shipping Point. When we deliver the shipping carton(s) to UPS (the shipping company), any damage is your responsibility to report to MTU and UPS, and keep the shipping carton for UPS to inspect. If you do not do this, you are responsible for the cost for repairs or replacement. We will work with you on a damage shipment claim, but the ultimate responsibility is yours.

MTU reserves the right to change prices and specifications without notice.

Shipping Questions & Answers
  1. How can I contact MTU if I have a question?
    Read our Support Page.
  2. What are business days?
    A business day is any Monday through Friday that is not a holiday recognized by MTU. If you place an order on Monday, it would usually ship that day or the following day (Tuesday in this case). If you placed an order on a Friday afternoon, it will usually ship the following Monday. This delay is because Saturday and Sunday are not business days that MTU processes orders.
  3. How will I receive my order?
    • Individual Software Products or Karaoke Suites - If these are for free Internet delivery, they are processed automatically by our web site store. As soon as your credit card is approved you are sent an email for each ordered product with download instructions. Please note that you may receive the instructions immediately to a day later, depending on your email provider. If you use a free email service expect to receive it 12 to 24 hours later. Make sure your email box is empty so your email's are not returned to us.
    • Software Upgrade orders - These are processed manually Monday through Friday, with Saturday and Sunday orders processed on Monday. It can take up to 24 hours to process these orders.
    • CDROM Delivery Software Orders - These ship the same day if the order is received before 9:00 AM, EST, or the next business day if received later. Shipments are made only on Monday through Friday, excluding MTU recognized Holidays.
    • DVD Burner Drives - These ship the same day if received by 9:00 AM EST, or the next business day if received later. Occasionally we may run out of CD-Recorder stock.
    • Laptop Computers - Expect these orders to take 2 weeks to build and ship. We download all Windows Updates and install Hoster before shipping.
  4. How long will it take to receive the items I ordered?
    • Internet Delivery: - This can be immediate to a day later. Click here for details.
    • USA Postal Mail: - Using this option, the actual shipping time is normally 2-12 business days.
    • International Postal Mail: - Using this option, the actual shipping time is normally 5-22 business days.
    • UPS Ground: - The actual shipping time is normally 1-5 business days for most of the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.
    • UPS Blue: - The actual shipping time is 2 business days in the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.
    • UPS Red: - The actual shipping time is 1 business day for the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.
    • UPS Red Saturday Delivery: - The actual shipping time is 1 business day for the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). This is an expensive option that is available if you are ordering at the end of the week and must have product on Saturday.
  5. How can I track my order?
    Orders shipped by UPS (United Parcel Service) can be tracked by Tracking Number to find the location of your shipment. Click here for the UPS Web site where you can track your order by clicking on Tracking at their site. There is a field for you to enter your tracking number. UPS will automatically email your tracking number as soon as the shipment is in their facilities. If you do not receive this, contact MTU and we will provide this number to you.
  6. Can you ship my order to a Post Office Box?
    We can mail an order for only a CDROM to a Post Office Box. NOTE: The US Postal Service has no way to track a shipment.
    UPS will not deliver to a PO Box. Thus, we must have a street address to ship a DVD Recorder or Laptop Computer.
  7. What happens if my items arrive damaged?
    As soon as you realize there is a problem, contact us to let us know.
    • For a CDROM shipment, we will send a new CDROM the same or the next day you report the problem.
    • For a CD-Recorder shipment, if the product shipping carton is clearly damaged when you receive it, do not open it. Call us and we will arrange for UPS to come and inspect the damage for the insurance claim. We will give you an RMA number to return the package for UPS to return the package to us. Once we are notified they have the package, we will send you a new CD-Recorder. If the CD-Recorder has hidden damage that appears only when it is installed and operated, contact MTU once you determine there is a problem. Click here to see our Warranty Policy in this case.
  8. What do I do if MTU makes an error on my order?
    If MTU ships you the wrong product, contact us immediately when you receive the shipment. We will reship to you at our expense. If the shipment is a CD-Recorder drive, we will arrange for UPS to come and pick the package up and return it to MTU at our expense. As soon as they have the shipment in their possession, we will send you the correct product.

    If you give us an incorrect shipping address that we correctly used, if the shipping cost is under $3.00 we will pay the freight to reship to you. If it is $3.00 or more, you will need to pay for the second shipping cost.
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MTU Registration Code Policy

When you purchase any MTU software product, you receive 12 months of free upgrade's/support from the order date. Purchase Here...

NOTE: As of January 1st, 2015 if you are NOT Current on your upgrade/support package, there will be a $30 charge for MTU to Clear/Reset your Registration Code's from a dead computer.

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MTU Returns and Refund Policy

These are our Return Policies on all shipped product. MTU reserves the right to change policy, prices and specifications without notice.


Free Demos Available

Free Demos are available for all software products to try before buying. If you experience any problems with a demo, please contact us and we will work with you to identify and solve the problem.

No Refund on Upgrades

No refunds will be issued on upgrades purchased for your MTU Product.

30 Days Software Refund

We have been in business since 1977. We are dedicated, capable, and desire for every customer to enjoy all the benefits our products deliver to others. We will try everything reasonable to make our customers happy, but some times nothing seems to work. If you purchase an MTU software product and we cannot meet your needs within 30 days, we will refund your software purchase price.


Steps To Receive An MTU Refund

Please follow these steps to request a refund within 30 days of the purchase date:

  1. Connect your computer to the Internet (this was required to install the software).
  2. Run the MTU Software Product Installation program again and select the REMOVE (not Update) option.
  3. Let it finish removing and registering at our web site.
  4. Remove the program(s) from all computers you have installed it/them on (see below).
  5. Click this link, fill out the form and select Payments Department. Please give us your reason for requesting a refund to help us serve others better.

Software Guarantee

After buying a software product, if you experience any problems, please review our help suggestions and see all the ways we offer support.

If you have questions how to use the product, please join the MTU.Community Forums and post your question to the Help Forum for your Product. There are many users (and MTU staff) willing to help you. However, if you do not know how to use Windows or a computer, please take a class at your local Community College, or find and buy training over the Internet. Please do not expect your peers or MTU to teach you how to operate a computer.

DVD Burner Drives

We test each drive we ship to insure it works, and that it will write a CD+G disc. If you receive a drive that has failed, it is rare but possible the drive was damaged in shipping to you. See the instructions below if this happens.

DVD Drive Repair

If a DVD drive purchased from MTU fails, fill out the Help Ticket and select SUPPORT. If it is determined that the product has failed it is covered under our or the manufacturers' Warranty Policy. We will give you an RMA number to return the product to us. Write the RMA number clearly visible on the outside of the shipping carton. Any product returned to MTU without an RMA number will be accepted without any refund.

DVD Drive Refund

MTU will pay a refund for a returned DVD drive with an RMA number only if it is in like-new condition (that means no scratches or damage whatsoever) and it must pass operational tests. To request an RMA number and refund, fill out the Help Ticket and select PAYMENT. Include your order number, full name and email used on the order and the product you want to return. We will review your order and if approved, reply to your Help Ticket including an RMA Number and return shipping address. Obtaining an RMA does not guarantee a refund will be issued. If the product was damaged in shipment to you and you did not notify us or UPS, the damage is your responsibility to pay for a replacement drive.

Return Shipment

Insure the package against damage or loss, which is your responsibility. We suggest you send it by UPS or Federal Express so you have a tracking number. If the product is damaged in shipment, it is your responsibility.

20% Restocking Charge

On all DVD drive returns or shipments that are approved for refund, we charge a 20% restocking and testing fee. Freight and insurance costs are not refunded. We will not accept a drive for refund if we are contacted after 30 days from the original shipped date.

Refund Payment

Once the DVD drive meeting the requirements above is received at MTU and it passes our testing, a refund will be made within 10 business days, excluding holidays. If the order was paid by credit card, MTU will issue a credit back to the same card. We will need your Credit Card number as we do not keep them on file for your protection. It is your responsibility to provide MTU with the card number to credit.


No Refund on Computers

MTU will not provide a refund on a computer purchase. If the unit does not operate correctly, it is covered under the standard computer warranty policy and MTU will repair or replace it at our option.

Return Shipment

To request an RMA number to return a failed unit, fill out the Help Ticket and select SUPPORT. Include your order number, full name and email used on the order and the failed product to return. We will review your order and if approved, reply to your Ticket including an RMA Number and return shipping address. Obtaining an RMA does not guarantee a replacement will be made. If the product was damaged in shipment to you and you did not notify us or UPS, the damage is your responsibility to pay for a replacement computer. If you return the unit to MTU or the Manufacturer, insure the package against damage or loss, which is your responsibility. We strongly suggest you send it ONLY by UPS or Federal Express so you have a tracking number. If the product is damaged in shipment from you, it is your responsibility.

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MTU Warranty Repair Policy

This is the MTU warranty policy on all shipped product. We reserve the right to change policies, prices and specifications without notice. Our current policy is stated on this web site.


Software is sold as is for the use claimed in the pages on this website. There may be typographical errors in the text. Thus, please verify that any special features are available before purchasing the product. We may add new features, perform upgrades, and repair bugs, and make them available to you as Upgrades for free or for payment.


CDROM's and their contents are warranted to be free of defects for 90 days from date of shipment. A defective part will be replaced by MTU at our expense in the USA. For International orders, we will send the replacement shipment via US Postal mail, unless you are willing to pay for other shipment means.

DVD Drives

Drives carry a manufacturer´s warrantee of 12 months. MTU will replace a defective CD Recorder drive purchased from MTU without charge, if it is received at MTU within 30 days from the Invoice date including an MTU issued RMA Number for return. Beyond 30 days, MTU will help you to contact the manufacturer directly for warranty repair. This is the standard way, and the fastest way to repair or replace a faulty drive. You must pay the return shipping charges to MTU or the manufacturer, and we or the manufacturer will pay to UPS Ground charge to return the repaired product to you. There will be an extra charge if you want faster return shipping.

Return Materials Authorization (RMA)

An RMA is required to return product to MTU. To contact MTU, fill in a Help Ticket and select PAYMENT, including your order number, full name, email used on the order, your daytime phone number, the product to repair. Describe the problem or failure in as much detail as you can. If we determine that the product has failed, we will give you an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number and address where to ship the product, freight prepaid. The RMA number must be clearly visible on the outside of the shipping carton to be received at MTU.

NOTE: Product returned to MTU without an RMA number on the outside or inside of the package will be accepted, but no refund will be issued for the product.

MTU reserves the right to change policies, prices and specifications without notice.

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