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Emergency Help - Move MTU Software to Another Computer

Why & How To Move MTU Software To Another Computer

If your installed MTU software is a removable version or higher, without any help from MTU, you can free your RegCode to install on another computer.

Some valid reasons to move are:

  • You buy a new computer, try to install the software and see the "already installed on 2 (or 1) computers".
  • Your computer:
    • Is acting badly and you believe it will soon fail.
    • Needs Windows re-installed to clear up problems or remove a virus.
    • Needs new hardware or drives
  • You stop using the computer.
  • You sell the computer (MTU software licenses cannot be re-sold).
  • Note: If you need to run on more computers, please order another copy.

Follow these steps:

  1. Connect your computer on-line to the Internet.
  2. Run the MTU installation program for that product (named [product]xxxsetup.exe where xxx is the version).
  3. When a screen appears with Update and Remove selections, click Remove.
  4. Allow the install program access through any fire wall, Zonealarm, etc. so it can talk with the site
  5. Approve all screens and finally click the Finish button in the last screen.
  6. You have now registered that the MTU product is removed from this computer, which allows you to install it on another computer.
Emergency Help Ticket
  1. Fill in and submit this Ticket when; 1) You see the message "This software is installed on X computers", preventing you for installing on a new one, or 2) Tour computer has failed and you need to move your MTU software to another.
  2. For all other help use our standard Help Ticket.
  3. Add to your "Approved" email list at your provider (Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc.) to receive our emails. Otherwise, you will not get our emails.

    When you submit a Failed Computer Ticket, our web site INSTANTLY - 24/7/365 - emails you that we got it. If you do not get our email, look in your Spam and Junk folders from [something] If you find it, add again at your email provider site.
  4. DO NOT re-submit this Ticket. The Ticket is forwarded to our Support Manager's personal cell phone. He will make every attempt to respond within 12 hours.
  5. This is FREE Support! We will do our best to help you, but may not respond as fast as you would like, especially on weekends.

Step 1: Agree To Conditions

When we receive your submitted form, we will modify your registration record to allow moving your requested MTU software from this computer.

Click To Agree I truthfully state that this computer has failed and I cannot remove it, or the software is not being used on more computers than allowed.
Click To Agree I am aware that if my computer is working I can remove the MTU software product versions from the list above myself and do not need MTU to help me.
Click To Agree I understand I can install and run MTU Lite software products on one (1) computer at a time and all other MTU software products on two (2) computers at a time. I have not installed any MTU product on more computers than allowed.
Click To Agree I understand that if I abuse this free service, MTU reserves the right to refuse to honor my registration transfer request, or I may be required to buy a new copy of the software.
Step 2: Identify Yourself
First/Last Name:
Day or Cell Phone:
Your Registration Email:
Step 3: Identify Your Failed Computer

NOTE: If you can't remember the failed Computer name you entered when installing the MTU software, if you have the entered Registration Code installed on a backup computer that is still running, run the program, click Help on the menu bar, then the View Registration Code command. Read the Computer name in this dialog and enter it in the Backup Computer Name: field below.

Installed Program:
Installed Registration Code:
Failed Computer Name: Enter NONE if unknown
Backup Computer Name: Enter NONE if no backup
Your Windows:
Step 4: What Do You Want Us To Do?

Tell us what you want us to do for you.

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